Formulas in crosstab

sabato 09 dicembre 2006 - 09.29

aleplgr Profilo | Junior Member

Hi, I was asked to display this data in a tab and I'm wondering if this is possible:
We have regions and clients, the clients classified according different services they take and depending on this services I have to totalize in a different way and show those totals in the crosstab.
The crosstab should look like this:

Reg1 Reg2 Reg3 Totals

For the S1 row I have to count the number of different clients that take service S1
For the S2 row I have to count the $ amount those clients pay for ( I have to do some calculations with this money so I need to use a formula)
For the S3 row I have to take 2 dates (d1 and d2) and show the difference d1-d2 (using another formula because it's not just substracting the dates, I have to do some other calculations.

I know I'm showing different kinds of values in each row (and the general total will have no meaning) but I was asked to show them all together in the same table because they are related in some way and they need to see them together.

Could I do something like this?

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