Decimals in cross reference tab percentage

martedì 02 gennaio 2007 - 18.43

aleplgr Profilo | Junior Member

Hi, there's a bug in version IX when you show the percentage of the totals in a cross reference tab it truncates the value, so it shows 34,00% instead of 34,68% for example.
I think that the bug is solved for the English CR XI version and for the Italian CR XI version ( I have the Spanish version) and it's not solved. I didn't still uninstall my version and install the English or Italian one because I'm not sure that the problem is solved or not in any of those versions, do you have CR XI and don't have this decimals problem?

freeteo Profilo | Guru

i really don't know anything about this kind of "localization" problem, but i guess you can try by yourself using a "virtual machine", where u can install a "clean version" of version and a "clean version" of Crystal.
Doing so, you can test everthing without impact you development environment, and understand if the problem is really solved.

Obviously you can do it, witha free tool from microsoft, called "Virtual Pc", more info here:

get the free version, is really cool for every kind of test

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