Simulated Cross-Tabs, urgent!!!!

mercoledì 19 dicembre 2007 - 12.27

4ndre4 Profilo | Newbie

I urgently need to know how building a cross-tab (in Crystal Reports for Eclipse) where, in the columns I have the "months" and in the rows I have a series of attributes taken from a table.

In other words in columns I have attribute Month that determines a number of columns equal to its values, and in rows I do not have a single attribute that determines the number of rows with its values, but as many rows as atrributes.
For example:




How can I use a cross-table or alternatively how can solve the problem?

freeteo Profilo | Guru

if u got the values thet are dynamic in the both sides,but still reside in the the same column of your table, the cross-tab is the right object to use.
In the column drag the "date" column, and choose the option button : "group by->month".

But if u got something different like the columns in the datatable that the query return are "dynamic", u cant make something with Crystal.
This happens because Crystal need to know the right "schema" of the datasource that process across the pages, you are not able to manage the datasource schema, the report engine doesnt' work in this way

ps: but why do u speak english? your email contact for the forum is ".it"...


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