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giovedì 28 giugno 2012 - 11.35

jjchuck Profilo | Senior Member

ho installato IIS non riesco a capire dove sono le impostazioni che il testo che sto seguendo mi dice di applicare (io uso Windows XP mentre il testo no...proprio all'ultimo capitolo:
<<Click the Application Pools item and confirm you have an entry called ASP.NET v4.0 that uses v4.0
as the .NET Framework Version and that has its Managed Pipeline Mode set to Integrated. If you
don’t have this item, click Add Application Pool in the Actions panel on the right and create a new
application pool called ASP.NET v4.0 using the .NET Framework version 4.0 with Integrated as
the Managed Pipeline mode.
4. Select the ASP.NET v4.0 application pool (whether it was already there or not) and click Advanced
Settings. Locate the property called Identity and ensure it is set to Network Service (Windows Vista
and the initial release of Windows Server 2008) or ApplicationPoolIdentity (Windows 7 and Windows
Server 2008 R2.) If it’s not, choose the correct item from the list of options. You use this identity
later when configuring security. In the same dialog, set the Load User Profile option to True if you’re
using Windows 7 or Server 2008. Click OK to close the Advanced Settings dialog.
5. Click the Default Web Site item to select it and click Advanced Settings in the Actions pane on the
right of Figure 19-10.
6. In the Advanced Settings dialog box, click the Physical Path property, click the ellipsis to open up a
folder browser, select the folder C:\BegASPNET\Release, and click OK to confirm the path.
7. In the same dialog, click Application Pool, then click the ellipses, choose the Application Pool
from step 3, labeled ASP.NET v4.0 and click OK. Click OK again to close the Advanced Settings
dialog box.
8. Next you need to make sure that IIS is configured to use a sensible default document; the document
that is served when you request a folder name or the root of the site. The Planet Wrox site uses
Default.aspx, which is the most common default document name for ASP.NET web sites. To
check this, double-click the Default Document option in the IIS Features list (below the items you
see in Figure 19-10). Then make sure that Default.aspx is present and at the beginning of the list.
If the item is not there, add it manually. For Windows Vista, simply type the document name in the
File Name(s) list and click Apply. For Windows 7 or Server 2008, click the Add link in the Actions
panel to add it and use the Move Up links to move it to the top of the list. Your dialog should look
similar to Figure 19-11 (if Default.aspx was already in the list, its Entry Type is set to Inherited
instead of Local).
figure 19-11
9. You can now close the Internet Information Services Manager, because the site is configured cor-
rectly as far as IIS is concerned. However, it still won’t run correctly because you need to configure
security permissions on the file system, as you see later.>>
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