Let's build a word game together

mercoledì 22 febbraio 2017 - 07.00
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richardwalter Profilo | Newbie

Hello Friends,

There's nothing wrong with what she's done at all, in fact when I viewed the code I could tell just by reading it that she'd put quite a lot of thought into the structure and organisation of it all. When we were chatting informally about some of the stuff I've talked about on here though, I just thought a really nice way of demonstrating some of these ideas may be to basically rebuild this site, but by using these techniques, so I'm here to firstly tell you all about it, and secondly see whether any other people would like to get involved at all.

At the moment, I see this as being something that me and Lyndsay would be leading for the most part, so I'd imagine most of the calls on Skype would probably be between me and her and we'd aim to film some of the things we learn along the way. I deliberately say "we" there, because I'm planning to include some tools and techniques that are new to me too, so I'll be learning stuff myself I hope :-)

I should say right now that the way I approach programming is very different to what most of you are probably used to. I follow a test driven development approach, which (in a very short summary) basically means I write automated tests that assert my code is working, BEFORE I write any implementation code. In fact, I use the tests to drive the design of my code (hence, test "driven" development). I suspect most of you are not familiar with this technique, but this could be a good thing if you're willing to come along for the ride ;-)

It's very early days yet and we don't even have a spec (I was thinking we could do at least one, probably more, sessions on creating our spec, so this will come later)

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