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Servo energy-saving technology is an important breakthrough in the field of die casting machine hydraulic drive. By means of the drive's double close loops,servo drive is used to change speed quickly,so as to realize the change of flow correspondingly. Moreover,the pressure could be adjusted automatically through the output of different torques,which helps to achieve high accuracy,high response and good energy saving effect.
Liquid-cooling Servo Motor(it’s suitable for the dust and moisture bad working environment)

Air-cooling Servo Motor

The energy saving rate of each shot is very high,at least 40% higher than the traditional machines
Servo system can response quickly and the pressure change between 0 to 100% can reach 30ms,which can improve efficiency by 5%-12%
Lower hydraulic oil temperature and reduce the use of cooling water by 30% to prolong the hydraulic components service life
Improve the working environment and decrease noise.
Weijin DC160T Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine Technological Date
ITEM Unit DC160T
Clamping Force KN 1600
Clamping Stroke mm 350
Ejection Force KN 89
Ejection Stroke mm 85
Die Thickness (Min-Max) mm 205-505
Platen Size(HxV) mm 672X726
Space Between Tie Bars(W×H) mm 460X460
Tie Bar Diameter mm 80
Injection Position mm 0/-80
Injection Stroke mm 150
Traverse Stroke KN 200
Injection Force mm 108
Diameter Of Plunger mm 60/65/70
Max Casting Pressure Bar 382/330/286
Shot Weight Kg 2.7/3.2/3.7
Max Cating Area cm² 420/485/560
System Pressure MPa 14
Motor Power KW 15
Crucible Capacity(Zn) Dm³ (kg/zn) 360
Melting Furnace ( oil ) KG/h 4.8
Oil Tank Capacity L 300
Weight Of Machine Ton 6.5
Machine Size (L×W×H) mm 4500X1600X2200 cold chamber pressure die casting machine company
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