Triple play into a goal across the appliance ready to seize

venerdì 29 aprile 2011 - 08.28

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Triple play into a goal across the appliance ready to seize

Terminal in the form in which access the Internet, communication networks and open up a wide network of integrated triple play of market opportunities, become a household electrical appliance enterprises around the [url=][b]wholesale electronics[/b][/url] focus of current development. This year, South Korean manufacturer LG Electronics has introduced a smart 3D TV and smart phone and other mobile Internet capabilities with the intelligent terminal. The company official said the pilot program since 2010, officially launched triple play, cable networks began to promote the further integration of triple play and large-scale new business in 2011, is viewed as a critical [url=][b]android tablet[/b][/url] year. Undoubtedly, the arrival of triple play for home appliances has brought new business development opportunities. How to seize the opportunity to accelerate the transformation of how to respond to change, naturally became the home appliance business in this race to occupy the leading position of triple play key.

In the era of triple play, household electrical appliances will play for the consumer to get more information about the [url=][b]ebook reader[/b][/url] content of the role of the terminal, but also will further networking, really into "smart age"; which is also working with LG this year's " Intelligent technology "development strategy coincide. In the beginning of this year's starzmart CES International Consumer Electronics Show, LG showcased its advanced line of smart technology products, from smart phones to smart TVs, and even introduced to integrate the home, including [url=][b]baby monitors[/b][/url] refrigerators, washing machines and other home appliances THINQ full set of intelligent technology. China Video Industry Association said, breaking products, services, content, boundaries, is conducive to enhancing the core competitiveness of industries and the further development of triple play. Manufacturers actively promote, it will completely change the television industry's business model, and gradually by the hardware manufacturers to service-oriented enterprises to change. In order to compete in the triple play time to seize the initiative, LG has become the first official introduction of the smart television in the domestic foreign home appliance brand, which also can be seen as LG's response to the advent of triple play an important initiative. Traditional television is different from previous, smart television viewing is no longer a single electronic products, but equipped with an open operating system, based on the integration of high-tech [url=][b]netbook[/b][/url] man-machine interactive technology, the TV turned into a all-in-one intelligent electronic products. Therefore, the overall strength of its manufacturers have higher requirements.
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