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mercoledì 22 febbraio 2017 - 06.58
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richardwalter Profilo | Newbie

Hello Guys,

This is just a simple Javascript library I have built as a personal project called QuickJS my goal is to put most of the Javascript language inside a library. Please note I may release this on its own website eventually but right now it is just a personal project that in all honesty I have built in a few days time. So feel free yourself to help build onto this project if you see fit .

QuickJS Example 1(QOn Method)

The QOn method basically handles firing off different on events.
Here are a list of some events the QOn method can handle

keydown(Same as onkeydown js event)
keypress(Same as onkeypress js event)
keyup(Same as onkeyup js event)
submit(Same as onsubmit js event)
blur(Same as onblur js event)
click(Same as onclick js event)
change(Same as onchange js event)
select(Same as onselect js event)

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