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martedì 16 gennaio 2018 - 03.47

gsf8bd Profilo | Newbie

This product is used in the field of water quality and environmental testing. As people pay more and more attention to drinking water standards, customers have developed a kind of testing equipment to detect the water pollution and water quality of the cleanliness of this product volume comparison Large, mainly composed of large sheet metal, the internal set of organic processing of the skeleton and some small plastic parts, some complex parts using 3D printing production, the product made of metal paint, this Shouban get a very high customer evaluation, after doing Several extension design of the modified hand plate.
101 PROTOTYPE, one of the best prototype suppliers in China, has been specialized in this field for over 14 years. And our environmental equipment accessories plastic metal machining metal stamping 3d printing sla laser probe prototype is competitive in its high quality and reliable performance. Welcome to place an order, and the customized orders are also machining metal stamping prototype
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